Consider your invitation your guests first look into your event, a "coming attraction" if you may. As someone in the business, I personally appreciate both the aesthetic look and feel of formal invitations. As a couple, you may find that you're inundated with so many choices, you become overwhelmed. Design styles range from classic and traditional, to contemporary and modern, while printing styles include engraved, thermographed, printed and calligraphed.

Some of my absolute favorite invitations can be found in the Loula Press wedding album, courtesy of Louella Press, sister company to Two Paperdolls. Not only are the hand-engraved invitations beautiful, I appreciate the artistic elements incorporated within each individual design. The best part...Loula is local and right in PA! for those couples planning from a distance, don't worry...the albums are now available in a number of boutiques across the country and across the world!

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