Introducing the NEW Mr and Mrs...

I recently was contacted by a company who has mastered what I consider to be an ingenious invention. An easy way for new Brides to endure the pain staking process of changing their names. Let's be honest-As much as we may love our new "hubby to be", losing your name is hard enough. Losing your name and spending countless hours to do so, is a whole other story!

So, for all of you soon to be brides who will have to change your name on documents such as your social security card, passport, bank accounts, insurance id cards, drivers license, etc, definitely check out the website! For $29.95 you can complete the entire name change form letters for all of the documents mentioned above (and more) online. How much easier could it be?

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Rashana Anderson ... said...

Hi Isis!
We met at the last regional ABC conference (New Brunswick, NJ) and I love your blog.
This particular post is really very informative too (as I shamefully have not yet legally changed my own name). Shhhhh! Gotta get on that.
Take Care.