Nila Says...Favors are a favorite.

The invitations have been sent out, the dress has arrived and all the orders have been placed. Are you forgetting anything? As you try to go down the list, detail per detail, you remember that one main part of the wedding has been forgotten. The favors!! You might be asking yourself; do we really need them, how can something so small be such a significant detail to this wedding? Well believe it or not, this small little piece of the puzzle, is what places the finishing touches to such an amazing night. Favors are a simple and significant treat you hand out at the end of the night to all your guests. It is your small token of appreciation.
A wedding itself is a spectacular event that many unite to celebrate. For the most part, the food, dancing and joy of this special night is more than enough. Favors for that matter do not have to overpower the event. Something simple is all you need.

Strawberries from Ashley Cakes

When ordering party favors make sure to keep a few things in mind.
- Order amount per household. You never want to order more than the guest list.
- Party favors are for guests to have a memory of your special night. Remember to place the date of your wedding along with your name and you’re significant others name on the favor.
Remember to keep it simple:
Some ideas:
- CD with the bride and grooms favorite song
- Chocolates with packaging that contains bride and grooms name and date of wedding
- Candles
- Customized cookies with date and names
- If weddings are themed, make arrangements so that your favors go along with the theme.
o Beach Theme:
- Small seashells with name and date imprinted in them
- Cookies shaped into seashells or other beach related objects
- Small treasure boxes filled with chocolate coins

There are thousands of small creations one can put together. These are just a few ideas you might want to consider. Remember that creativity and simplicity are key factors to wedding favors!


Anonymous said...

Nila, thanks for the suggestions! Can't wait for the big day!

Anonymous said...

Nila and Isis, I really look forward to reading yur Wednesday Blog, Nila says.... These great little tidbits of info are extremely helpful for planning.. Keep up the good work!