The Art of Presentation

Creating a signature style is all about paying attention to the "details" of the day. Any good Planner will tell you- the art of presentation involves more than just the visual appearance, presentation encompasses the stimulation of all five senses.

Although you may not be able to upgrade every element of your wedding, the little "touches" do make all the difference.

I found this curved serving set at one of my newest addictions (Click on the link and select room view for the full effect)

Just think how much more memorable cocktail hour would be with your servers offering hors d'euvres on these Fabulous trays or how impressed your guests will be at your next home based affair when the "spread" appears on these modular servers. The square tasting spoons.... just $.95. Maximum impact for very little money.

Love it!

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Nate J said...

Those are simple and sophisticated. I love it.