Style Cap with Denise Herker of Leigh Florist, Audobon, New Jersey

This week's style cap is with my Favorite Floral Connect, Denise Leigh Herker of Leigh Florists in Audobon, New Jersey. Denise and I have worked together on many, many weddings and Brides and Vendors alike just love her laid back, enthusiastic personality. She truly has an appreciation for her work and has mastered her craft. Here goes:

Isis: Denise, how long have you been in the Floral Industry?
Denise: I have been in the industry for seven years. Ironically, it started out as a sales position at a local florist in West Chester , PA. Then I starting taking classes at Long wood gardens to learn more about design and many years later, here I am.

Isis: So, what's your favorite part of what you do?
Denise: My favorite part is definitely the weddings and events. I love playing a part in people's lives and there traditions.

Isis: What does a typical day at the Flower shop entail?
Denise: I am always busy so the first thing I do is make my long to do list for the day. A typical day includes talking to vendors, growers, brides, customers and designing for all different events. The day actually flies by believe it or not, from start to finish it's usually non-stop!

Isis: Tell us something that we'd never guess about you?
Denise: When I found the shop 3 1/2 years ago it had been named Leigh florist since 1918 which is my middle name. It has seemed "meant to be" ever since.
Isis: I still can't get over that story! lol

Isis: What common mistake do Brides make when it comes to flowers?

Isis: What do you seen in terms of Floral trends for 2008?
Denise: Trends for the new year... we are still seeing vibrant shades as well as black and white classic weddings. Centerpieces varying in style and sizes, smaller posy bouquets for bridesmaids, branches and non traditional elements.

Isis: How would you categorize your signature style?
Denise: Elegant European garden style with unique details. I love what I do and I hope that ultimately shines through in every finished product!

Where can interested Brides and Grooms find you?

We are located on the web at or at the studio @ 400 Amherst Rd., Audubon, NJ 08106 | T. 856 547 1090

Isis: Thanks Denise!

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