Such a Cutie Pie!

I'm always torn when it comes to favors. Personally, I think spending $10/pp of an additional expense and stressing until no end just so you're guests don't talk about you is...ABSURD! But, we all do it and since you're going to do it, make your money (and those gray hairs) work for you -Go edible!

I fell in love with the great treats from Cutie Pie Cookie Company, LLC. . The New York based company offers a couture line which includes four designs and the option to customize your sweet treat with the design of your choice. Not only are the cookies sooo "cute", at $3.25 each (which includes the option to package the cookie as either a gift or a favor), you'll have plenty left over to by extra for you! Sweet!

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SoireeLaura said...

I just got a box of these for the holidays and they were SUPER CUTE!! Here's some photos: