Farrah marries James

Every once in a while I meet a Bride and instantly know we are going to sync. Farrah was this Bride. From our initial meeting at the Trenton Marriott, I knew two things 1- across from me sat a couple who was very much in love and 2. This wedding was planned to the "t". The challenge... turning a 4000 square foot theatre style ballroom into an intimate NYC lounge with an adjoining 1200+ square foot stage/ dance floor to host a dessert reception for 300+ guests and a 13 person Bridal party.

"City, Lounge, Chic" were the buzzwords for the theme of this candlelit, all white reception. 8:00 pm was the start time of the evening, outdoor ceremony at the historic Trenton War Memorial. 100 + votives lit the pathway for Farrah to meet her new groom, James Gee, and the sky stayed clear for the couple to recite their vows. Afterwards, guests were treated to "Trenton Tea" as they made thier way into the white washed dessert reception complete with a lounge area for seating.

Thanks to all of the amazing Vendors who assisted in making this wedding an astounding success:

Reverand Buster Soires
Bella Pictures
Leigh Florist
DJ Kwest-TrentNBoyz

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Affairs With Elegance said...

BEAUTIFUL! A lot of couples don't think they can have a dessert reception that would look this nice but it's do-able. Great job.

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