My Very 1st Christmas

Today was Christian's very first Christmas. We actually started it on Christmas Eve as we recognized dragging a 7th month old between 2 grandparents home was going to be quite the challenge.

He did very well. He actually opened one gift all by himself (although he was a bit confused a mommy partially "tore" the paper to speed up the process). We now have outfits to last way through the winter and well into the summer as well as lots of new toys and gifts.

Thank you to all of you who sent well wishes and cards our way and we hope you to had a very Merry Christmas!

(Notice a special "gift" under the tree)

(Christian opened gifts with his cousin Raymond who is 8 months older than him)

(Christian wearing his Christmas bib courtesy of my 10/06 Bride, Reina Byrd)

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