His Name is Brian

Brian Branch Price.

More often than you can imagine, I have been emailed and asked who "shot" the headshot on my website. His name is Brian Branch Price.

I've realized it's the shock value of seeing me in a dress. ( For those of you who don't know, this self-professed shopaholic is the PROUD owner of 200+ pairs of jeans!)Only Brian could get me "dolled" up (courtesy ofthe FABULOUS Cheryl Ann Wadlington of Evoleur Consultants) for a photo shoot at the Art Museum.

The shoot was so much fun. I'm not sure if it was the "superstar" feel of being followed by a photographer as people stared to see if I was a celebrity, or the laughs we shared watching hundreds of people repeatedly run up the Art Museum steps and do the "Rocky" stanze, but we had a blast!

Brian and I have worked events in the past and I really do adore him. This business certainly has it's perks!

Here are some of Brian's pictures from his recent trip to Africa. Lucky guy.

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