Preeti Amazing Weekend!

This weekend I had the honor of working with Preeti Nanvaan of Preeti Exclusive Creations, an event management company specializing in South Asian Fusion Event Management and design.

Preeti and I have actually known each other for over 2 years, but with our busy schedules, this weekend was the first opportunity we had to work together; and let me just emphasize the word WORK. With 6 weddings in two days, there was lots to learn and to see but, I can honestly say(although we had a 18 hour day on Saturday) I enjoyed every moment of it.

Indian Weddings are truly unique in that they are so rich in culture and tradition. From the Ganesha to the Mandap setup, there are so many aspects of the ceremony that are of a religious nature. The ceremony itself is also visually stimulating and rich in decor...and design is definitely Preeti's forte. Honestly, watching her team install beautiful and stunning Mandaps was by far my favorite part of the day-that and the Dhol drummer. Can we say wow!

I'm exhausted, but definitely enjoyed the opportunity so thanks again Preeti and I'll see you at The Special Event!

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