I've been tagged!

I guess it's finally my turn! I've been tagged by the wonderful Michelle Tortuya, Principal Event Consultant of Charming Events . The way it works is that I'm go give eight pieces of info about me that are supposed to be here goes:

1. I test drove 15 SUVs before finally buying mine. Sick, I know...I always knew I wasn't a minivan mom and I meant it! 15 Cars later, I'm driving a Pilot.

2. My Godmother delivered me-Yup, it's true. My godmother Tulani delivered me into the world and as a thank you-the "T" between my first and last name stands for Tulani.

3. I love to belly dance. Not that I'm very good at it, but I have taken lessons the last few years so I'm getting better. I can honestly admit though, it's SOOO much harder than it looks.

4. I'm a career student. I have 3 degrees in total-2 Bachelors and an MBA. I've probably taken more courses than anyone I know and if there's something I'm interested in, (hence Belly dancing) I will find somewhere I can take a class on it.

5. Multiples run in my family. My grandmother had 5 children, 4 of which had twins. I have yet to actually count all of the sets of twins in our family, but there are a TON and my cousin broke the record with the birth of the first set of triplets!

6. I've seen the sunrise and sunset in every location I've ever travelled to. I still have yet to determine a favorite setting.

7. I love ice cream in the winter. I actually love ice cream anytime of the year, but in the winter it just seems sooo much better.

8. New York and Orange County, CA are my favorite places to go. I've been known to travel to the city just to fulfill a food craving. lol.

Now it's your turn:

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