Weddings & Coordinators: The Recap

Everyday I feel bombarded with the notion of the recession and the economy. The tabloids will have you believe that the wedding industry is recession proof, however, I for one have had many Clients delay their weddings, to allow for the securing of additional finances. I also notice that many couples are trying to "save a buck" by taking the cheaper route and hiring an inexperienced planner or paying a family friend.

I'm always saddened by this. Not because I believe that weddings can not be planned without the assistance of a Coordinator, but because I believe that with your wedding, moreso than any other time, if you're going to do something, do it right.

I can't reiterate it enough.

So, in honor of Monday and the start of a nerw week, I went into the archives and pulled out two of my absolute favorite posts. True Life: I am a Wedding Coordinator and Not Looking to Pay for Advice . If you are newly engaged and consdering hiring a Planner or a newbie to the industry, I hope these articles provide some insight into the life of a Professional Coordinator verses a "weekend warrior" (as some may call it) and illustrate that the dollars invested will be well worth it in the end.

Happy reading!


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Lisa Michelle said...

This is so true. More and more couples that I have met with for the comp consult say that they are looking around but have friends and family who will help them. But then I later hear, "Oh I should have used you instead. I had so many probelms". Folks really have no clue of all the details that create the details for a wedding. I think they realize it after the fact. Thank you for this Isis.

Shayna Walker said...

You're right as always. said...

VERY good post - I hear so often Oh a friend will do it or the hotel has a planner....ugh - Can't even convince family of how important we are!