Urban 80's...

That was the theme of my event for this past weekend. My Client is a fabulous Event Planner for Microsoft who decided to celebrate turning 30 with a bang, and boy did she ever. We converted an otherwise "colonial" style venue into a blast straight from the past.

By simply inquiring, we were able to get permission from the Venue to remove all of their wall hangings and instead, we hung throw back records and grafitti art on the wall. Polka dot linens and monogrammed balloons, napkins, centerpieces and menu cards added just the right elements to make the room "pop". The DJ spun old school hits from the 80s that had everyone singing along and "remembering when...".

The highlight of the night by far...the breakdance routine performed by a group of local dancers. The guests (and even the entire Venue staff) couldn't help but watch in awe as these kids did truly amazing tricks with their bodies. I mean really, how often do you get to see breakdancers these days??? ("So you think you can dance" performances excluded-I'm addicted to that show by the way!)

Overall, it was a completely successful and incredibly fun event and I was glad to be a part of yet another special moment in my Client's life. When she walked into the room and said "It is better than even I could have imagined", I felt proud, especially since she is a fellow planner in the industry.

Pictures were taken by the amazing Brian Price
and I promise to share as soon as I receive them!

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