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Forgive me internet. I have committed the ultimate cyber sin and went on a short hiatus from the blog. Not without good reason though. The POSH family has expanded and in the last few months we've welcome many new couples to our home. I'm excited to introduce them to you over the stages of planning thier big events.

We will also be introducing a 12 day series entiteld "Tis the (engagement) season " which is my little homage to the 12 days of Christmas. This series will feature daily post from now until Christmas day (I promise to post on my birthday as well) to help all the newly engaged and ladies in "waiting" to prepare themselves for the ride which awaits them.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled (blog) program...

The wedding industry is one of the few that has cyclical trends. This season,vintage, rustic, tea length and smilebooths last season lemon, damask, king arthur and tiffany. As a bride, it is quite easy to get pulled into the trend cycle and find yourself up to your ears in all the things you just knew you'd avoid.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to what I believe to be the next crazed buzz word for the 2010 season...Cinematography.

I'll be honest, this is one I'm excited to see grow. In a world where "videographers" are born by the minute and everyone with a camera believes they qualify, I'm excited to see the new brand of filmmakers that are taking wedding films to an entirely new level.

One of the studios in the forefront of this movement is Still Motion Photo and Cinema. Let me just tell you, if you have never viewed their work, prepare to be amazed. The videos they create are far from your parent's home video. They've mastered the art of telling a story through a motion-picture, artistic eye and the end result is certainly art in motion. The best part, this is all done through what appears to be a camera based recorder, small and unobtrusive, with built in light

My adorable bride Bethany first introduced me to this style as she has an incredible appreciation for the artform. If you find yourself drawn to this type of film, you will be happy to know that locally there are companies who offer a similar style including First Floor Films and CinemaCake Films(formally DVideography)and Illumimoto. If you are a lover of the 8mm "vintage feel" than Well Spun (whose work I adore) would also be a strong contender to capture your day.

How are you capturing your wedding memories?


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