POSH welcomes...Jordan

Our "Tis the (engagement) season" series was briefly interrupted yesterday by an extra special early delivery from Santa!

Jordan Byrd entered the world at 3:24 yesterday December 14th. At 6lbs, 9 oz and 19", he is certainly a healthy/happy little baby Byrd (love that name).

We had the honor of coordinating the Byrd wedding in October 2006. The Byrds were one of those families...the kind where you just know from the very first moment, the relationship is going to outlast the wedding day itself. Mama Byrd and I our initial meeting at their home and after the hour concluded, we found ourselves chatting like old friends from grade school. That meeting ended at 1:00am and was the beginning of an amazing friendship.

I often say that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to love my work. Not many people are able to play such an integral part in the lives of others. When you see the manifestation of a family from a relationship that you witnessed bound by law, it can be really overwhelming. I thank God for the opportunity.

Happy Wednesday!

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