A Planner plans: Words of Wisdom

As the wedding date approaches Mr. Charming and I have received an ASTRONOMICAL amount of advice. Mostly unsolicited.

We always take notes.

What I've learned over the course of our engagement, and courtship in general, is that your relationship is what you make it. There's no road map to the "perfect" marriage because in my eyes it just doesn't exist. If it does, it's usually just on the surface. The reality is, when you join two lives, there will be differences of opinions and approach, it's what will typically strengthen your relationship over time.

During our last counseling session, our Reverend gave us some real words of wisdom. When you love someone, don't love them to "death". Love them to life. Enjoy the life that you build with them, cherish their existence, pray for their well being more than your own, worship with them and recognize that your time on this earth is not promised.

Mr. Charming and I have had an interesting relationship. Not perfect by any means but the imperfection is what makes him truly charming. You see, I'm marrying the person who makes me feel everyday like I want to be better. For him, myself and my family. The one person who sees beyond the "surface", walks this walk of reality with me everyday and loves me, regardless.

The best advice I've heard so far...Marriage is a constant verb.


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