Introducing: Sage

Over the last 4 years we've been blessed with some really great interns at POSH. This year we are so thankful for yet another wonderful addition.

From our very first conversation, I could tell that Sage was very special. Eager, fresh and such a great spirit. You know the kind of person that walks into a room like a total ray of sunshine? That's our Sage!

So, without further ado Internet meet Sage...


My Own Dream Come True

My name is Sage, and I am the newest intern at POSH Events, and I am thrilled to be here! I am a high school senior looking forward to the excitement and adventures that come with the last year of high school. I also coach elementary school girls softball, ride horses, and am in several community service clubs at my school. I feel extremely fortunate to have this amazing opportunity at POSH Events to get some behind-the-scenes knowledge of a job that makes people’s dream events come true.

Since 7th grade, I have known that I wanted to be an event planner. I have always been the one in my family planning everything from activities to our pet’s birthday parties. I have even helped my friends plan several small events. The rush that comes from making someone happy by giving them the exact event that they dreamed of is amazing. I am beyond meticulous with everything that I do. My life is color-coded, highlighted, and sticky noted to the point of obsessive-but it’s how things get done efficiently, which is why the only career suited for my organizational and planning skills is event planning.

The only problem was that I couldn’t find anyone willing to take me on as an intern-until I was referred to Isis, who completely saved my senior year of high school.

Without Isis and POSH Events, I wouldn’t be able to get the real-world experience that a person really needs in order to succeed. So I have POSH to thank for making my own dream come true, and I look forward to helping you make your dream event come true, as well!

Sage, we are so happy to have you as part of our "crazy, busy, rewarding, wouldn't change it for anything in the world" lives!



Just Be The Bride - Wedding Day Coordination said...

Good luck Sage! You're in good hands with Isis and POSH Events!

Sage Stuart said...

Thank you-I'm loving it here!