I rarely discuss religion on the blog, as a matter of personal preference, but today, as a way of documenting exactly how I feel, in THIS moment, it is a necessity.

One word.


As the east coast prepares for hurricane Irene, and those around me are in a total state of chaos, television and radio stations are flooded with news of her impending arrival, flights delayed, friends evacuated and family on edge in general, I feel incredibly blessed.

Highly favored.

I woke up this morning, a bit deviated from my usual state of wedding day mind. I looked at my husband and said "I'm scared". My husband responded "do you have to go" to which I answered "it's MY couple". I think he got it.

In the many years we've been fortunate enough to plan events, we have been blessed to never miss one. Through the storms, blizzards and even, the hurricanes. I think back to Toni & Rodney's wedding, which also took place during a hurricane in 2008 and how my team overcame the many obstacles we faced that day.

I think of my colleagues like Candice Capolla of Jubilee Events in Connecticut, who was able to help her couple move their wedding 5 hours ahead to try to avoid the storm. I think of the ladies of A Garden Party Florist, who missed our latest Wish Upon A Wedding event on Thursday, after receiving a phone call that their couple scheduled to get married today, were moving their wedding to that same day (Thursday). How they dropped everything that we were doing and drive drove 1.5 hours to Cape May, to deliver for their couple. I think about all of my facebook friends, twitter family and colleagues who are sacrificing today. The guests who are driving to attend events today and witness, even if just for a little while. The brides & grooms who are sitting patiently hoping for the best...and I realize, just how BLESSED I am.

Today, more than ever, I am so proud of my community. The community of event professionals who always get it done. Who deliver regardless of circumstance and regardless of fear because we specialize in how not to REACT but to move into action.

Every. Time.

With that, I will sign off as I finish preparing for the marriage of Sandi & Terrance. If you are on the roads today, please proceed with caution and be safe. For those of you who are home, please do the same. I pray that as a community we survive this hurricane and remain bonded in our strength to get past all of the "natural" disasters that come our way.



Latrice of Opulent Couturier said...

My friend you are favored & anointed for this moment. God will place a sense of calm & peace over you today. Praying for you & many Nashville virtual hugs! xoxoxo

Isis said...

Thanks Latrice! xoxoxo

Cherese of Simply Stunning Affairs said...

Be blessed today and God will provide a way for you to make it happen for the couple and I KNOW they will appreciate everything that you do for them today.

Isis said...

Thanks Cherese. It was an awesome wedding!

Dawn - A Garden Party said...

I just saw this blog post....and I agree 100%. It was so refreshing to see so many people in the wedding industry come together for their couples during the hurricane. Sorry we missed the event, but the wedding in Cape May went off without a hitch, and that was what mattered. Looking forward to meeting you!