Wedding Cake Trends

Cake, mmm..... Who doesn't love it? These days, cakes are coming in all different shapes and sizes, how can you choose? My best advice is to consider this sweet treat yet another element of your decor, and design your cake in your Signature style. To give you inspiration, here are some of 2007's cake trends according to Sonya Hong of Butterfly Cakes:

Couture Cakes
Taking cues from fashion, cakes are incorporating rich satins and textures like lace, pearl and jewelry. Satin sashes, popular in wedding gowns, are a fabulous way to echo the gown design in the wedding d├ęcor.

Ethnic Patterns
From the runways, we see exotic, ethnic prints like Indian-inspired henna patterns making their way to everything from clothing to stationery. Why stop there? Put it on your cake too! Cakes look updated, unique. The simple, dressed down cake of 5 years ago has now been replaced by cakes with more of a “wow” factor.

Groom’s Cakes
A southern tradition, groom’s cakes are catching on. Honor the groom with a personalized, whimsical cake, either at the wedding or at the rehearsal dinner. If presented as a surprise, it has even more impact. Recent examples: baseball cap cake, fly fishing theme cake, “beer” theme cake, favorite cars, karate/snowboarding/surfing cake, sports themes -- like soccer, golf or baseball, poker theme.

Dessert Buffets
Changing up the traditional cake cutting, brides are opting for dessert buffets. For example, many smaller cakes decorated with one color scheme. Also, individual cakes, cupcakes, candy, cookies, and even pie are finding their way to the dessert course of many special events, including weddings. Creative displays using the same colored platters in various shapes and heights beef up the presentation.

Bold Colors
The white wedding cake will always be popular, but brides who want to have a truly memorable cake are adding lots of color to their cakes in unusual combinations such as chocolate brown, green or blue, or burgundy and silver. Black and white is another bold color combination that is catching on with many brides. It’s an elegant and timeless look that is still understated yet strong.

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