Since they've become the new "thing" to do, I've been on the fence lately regarding Out of Town Guest Welcome bags. While I do appreciate the logic behind welcoming your guests and showing appreciation for your travels, I do not believe that the Bride & Groom should struggle or forfeit other important items in their budget to do so. If you are going to do Welcome bags, the Mother & Aunt of The Bride from my Wedding Saturday certainly has the right idea! They incorporated satin and wicker purses filled with local goodies such as Tastykakes, Olde Philadelphia Cream Soda, taffy and beautiful parasols for all of the female guests in attendance. Not only were the welcome bags gorgeous, they were practical and could still be used long after the festivities have come to an end.

Great job Tina & Aunt Jenny!

(PS, you should have seen the STAFF trying to grab a bag or two, and the MEN were the worst! lol)

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