Wedding of Mr & Mrs. Smith-Take 4!


I can't emphasize it enough. When you are planning your ceremony and your Wedding day itinerary, make sure to allot time for your ceremony rehearsal. Yes, it may seem as though there are only 8 people total and it's pretty easy to walk down the petal laid aisle to the front of the Church, however, you'd be surprise.

An hour of preparation can prevent a disaster in the making.

Rehearsals are not only a way for the Bridal party members to meet and great each other, it's a perfect opportunity for them to become familiar with the ceremony venue. It's also a great time to work out the logistics of the space such as allowing an extra seat in case the adorable flower girl can't make it through Mass, making sure the musician understands his cue to begin playing, discussing who and when to lay out the aisle runner, etc.

It's also a perfect time to go over the ceremony program, in it's ENTIRETY, with the Officiant. As you discuss the program, please be sure to include phonetic pronunciation for the Officiant of any names which he/she may have to announce, highlight the poetry/scripture readings and emphasize at what point everything is occurring. Though your officiant may have known you your entire life, as your Bridal party members will profess, nerves and emotions are a powerful thing and as a Bride, I'm sure you'd cringe just a little to hear your name incorrectly referred to numerous times during your own ceremony.( Ask me how I know!)

My beloved and now married Client and new friend, this one is for you. Hope you got a good laugh and enjoy your honeymoon!

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Oronde' said...

LOL!!! I love you for that Isis! Yes you are 100% correct. Otherwise your officiant starts the ceremony with the guests still standing, never asks your parents to give you away, skips the remaining half of the ceremony and your always prepared planner has to seat the guests and grab your poet before so she can read the beautiful words she wrote especially for your big day!!!