A Planner plans: Keeping up with the Joneses

...and the Petries and the Williams'.

One would think that being a professional wedding planner, planning your own wedding would be a breeze. NOT.

The thorn in my side as of late has been the guestlist. Having watched many of my clients go through the struggle of keeping up with invitations and addresses and herds of people, I figured I'd be proactive and send out an email shortly after getting my little sparkly requesting addresses.

Slight problem.

That was about a year ago and apparently for many of my guests, many changes have occurred over the last year. Atleast 10% of our invitations now require replacement addresses (yay for the booming economy and the successes of house hunting) and though I am thrilled with all of the new locations we'll have to visit post wedding, for the purpose of invitations this is not a good thing.

Lucky for me, we have two of the most amazing vendors on our team LeTrice of LePenn Designs and Kathleen Turnure of Elegant Hand Calligraphy for all Occasions. These two ladies are two of the most patient women I've ever met. I've been fortunate enough to correspond electronically with both over the planning process, especially LeTrice. Over the last few months we have exchanged hundreds of emails regarding changes to our stationary and most recently the need for additional....everything.

As we prepare for invitations to hit the stands (smile) tomorrow, I've learned a valuable lesson. One last reminder to your guests to inform them if their addresses have changed, will not hurt. Lucky for us, LeTrice sent extra blank envelopes and Kathleen was prepared to step into action when we needed more.

Awesome right?

And because I just couldn't stand to wait for another's a sneak peak of what our guests will be seeing in their mail very soon...

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, LOVE the invites!!! Gorgeous!

Isis said...

Thank you. I love them as well. It's going to be difficult to let them go...

Mocha Frugalista said...

Beautiful!!! I love the colors!!!