Change is coming...We hope you "like' it

2010 was a year of blessing for POSH and we are happy to announce that there are major changes underway.

So to kick off what we hope you will find to be awesome news, on April 15th, we will post a major announcement about what's in store for us gals over at POSH. To honor those who have stayed along with us for the ride, we are posting the news to our "fans" on first.

Not a fan, "like us" now on facebook and be the first to be in the know. You will find us under POSH Events LLC . To make it easier, we've also added a link to the blog on the right.

We are bursting with excitement and can't wait to share. A long with the announcement is also a giveaway for 25 couples and 25 individuals (yes, 50 people) and will be based on a random drawing from our fans as well.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Karry said...

This sounds exciting!

Isis said...

Thanks Karry. We're very excited, race against time and all :)


I'm waiting anxiously for this announcement... isn't today the 15th!? ;)