POSH Destinations: Happy Anniversary

There are many times in my career that I have been brought to tears. If you ask my Assistants, they will confirm that I cry at almost every wedding. When the doors open and we give the cue, the last fluff of the train and hug to my Bride is the moment I cherish the most. It's special, it's private, it's reassuring and I know that our purpose is evident and relevant. We've helped another couple on their way to rejoicing in the biggest day of their lives.

It's an honor and a privilege and one that I am so fortunate to still be a part of after all of these years.

Yesterday marked the celebration of one year of marriage for an amazing couple who committed themselves to each other on the gorgeous beach of Montego Bay, Jamaica. To say that the day was "magical" was an understatement.


(Amazing image courtesy of NEJ Images )

A&A, I couldn't think of a more deserving couple for all of the blessings that have been brought your way. I'm so honored that you entrusted us with your day. I wish you a million more years of happiness, smiles and joy filled tears.

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