As in the new winner of this season's Project Runway, Christian Siriano!

Ok, I'll admit, I was in love with this cutie from the day he stepped on the runway in those little tight pants with his insane personality.


Because from the door, Christian seemed to KNOW who he was, what his personal style was and that in order to WIN, he would need to stay true to just that.

It's no different from your Wedding day. Regardless of your budget be it $5,000 or $500,000, it's important that your guest walk into that room and say "Oh, this is so...(insert name here)" and not what I tend to say..."oh, another one of these (insert- cakes, setups, floral arrangement, chocolate fountains).

Congratulations Christian for winning a season you absolutely deserved and for always staying true to your SIGNATURE style. FIERCE!

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