Knot your average man!

Oh the dreaded bow tie...

I've seen more men struggle in agony over tying these things than a little. It's actually comical yet sad. So, for all of you groomsmen (and frustrated women who appreciate a man in a tie), today's post is for you.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Tie-a-Tie, we have a color coded step by step tutorial on the correct way to form a perfect bow. Not only appropriate for weddings, bow ties are an alternative choice for dinner, cocktail parties and general nights out on the town.

Basic rule of thumb is, if you're wearing a dinner jacket or formal wear and you want to take it up a "notch", definitely go to the bow!

1) Place the bow tie around your neck, situating it so that end "A" is about two inches longer than end "B".

2) Cross end "A" over end "B".

3) Bring end "A" up and under the loop.

4) Now double end "B" over itself to form the front base loop of the bow tie.

5) Loop end "A" over the center of the loop you just formed.

6) Holding everything in place, double end "A" back on itself and poke it through the loop behind the bow tie.

7) Adjust the bow tie by tugging at the ends of it and straightening the center knot.

And that is how it is done! See...not too difficult!

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