Shower Me

As I maneuvered my way through the mini hurricane that brushed through the region for 15 minutes this morning (just long enough to be a total nuisance), I thought about how the weather affects the psyche of many couples and Brides in general.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you will inevitably experience a period of "fear" regarding the weather and rain in particular. You may even find yourself semi-stalking and related websites trying to predict the weather up to a year in advance.

I've done MANY outdoor weddings and I can honestly say though it has rained on some of my couples otherwise perfect days, it has never been enough to ruin the day. Somehow, the sun aways peeks out right around the 30 minute countdown.

In the event that you want to be safe though, why not invest in fabulous umbrellas that will serve more as accessories than eyesores for your bridal party?

Bella Umbrella carries an amazing line of umbrellas and vintage parasols perfect for weddings and special events. The best part...for an average $10 per item, you can rent those 30 orange umbrellas you'd otherwise have absolutely no need for!

Gotta love it!

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Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

What a FANTASTIC find! And just in time for upcoming Spring affairs.