Each One, Reach One

I'm a firm believer in the principle that it is our responsibility as educated people to assist those in need. Educated in my eyes is not dictated by degree, but instead by the knowledge that is innate in us all. As a career student (3 "un-event" related degrees and the school loans to prove it later), I truly feel blessed to have acquired a wealth of knowledge along the way. That's why when I was told, err uhm... asked by my Colleague and very good friend Deidre Gray of Always a Positive Image, LLC to teach at her Designed to Success workshop this past Saturday, I couldn't refuse.

Now you have to imagine, being amongst a list of amazing, experienced presenters and Linnyette Richardson-Hall, The Whose Wedding Is It Anyway "Diva" herself as the guest speaker, the pressure level is definitely on; especially when the audience is comprised of 27 local novice Coordinators. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure.

A word of advice for all of you aspiring Wedding Coordinators-please, please, please do your research and devise some type of curriculum to get a realistic look into the industry well before you begin to plan Weddings. It's not enough to offer your services "free of charge" because quite honestly, that's what they are worth at that point. I value my Clients and couples do not get a do-over so please do your homework before taken your first step.

The conference was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. I'm now preparing for my next trip over to Rowan University next month to speak to the participants of the Event Management program. Me, a teacher? Who Knew!

Here are some pics from the day:

Great job Deidre! The workshop was certainly designed and a success!


Always Fabulous Events said...

Ask me how I know. (wink)

Weddlady said...

I'm so proud of you! Great job - and an important one at that!