My name is NOT Susan!

…or Iris for that matter!

Being the victim of a 4 letter "unique yet beautiful" name, I've spent most of my adult life becoming accustomed to the notion that people pay little attention to the correct pronunciation of names. Trust me, I’ve been referred to as everything from Is-Is to I-Cease, with my personal all time favorite being "IRIS", and it never ceases to amaze me. While most days I can just shrug it off, I can't imagine this being the case at an important event…let alone a Wedding!

On your wedding day, be sure that you provide your Master of Ceremonies with the phonetic pronunciation (Isis= I-sis) for your bridalparty. Please don't take it for granted, in this day of silent letters and extra long e's, that your name is as easy to pronounce as youthink it is. If you've hired a professional WEDDING disc jockey, this tends to be a second nature practice for them...but just in case-have a version ready to provide to them.

Just one less thing to worry about and believe me, your bridal party members with names like my sister Saidah (= Sigh-e-dah) and colleague Deidre (=De-a-dra) will appreciate it!

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