Enter the Realm!

If you're anything like me, you are "over" the attempt to make Bridesmaids dresses even a bit stylish. Trust me, doing this for a living, I see my fair share of dress selections and though they've come a long way-Bridal party dresses have quite a distance left to go. Sure, you can coordinate separates and have your girls wear different versions of the same color dress(which I actually encourage)however, let's be honest, many gowns, still are a bit "non-desirable".

Enter the realm.

If you are looking for a fabulous look for the ladies in your life that have chosen to support and endure with you during the planning process, two words.

Jim Hjelm

This designer line has finally hit the nail on the head with a collection that is chic and sophisticated and emphasizes the sexy silhouette that we as women desire.

"Using luxurious fabrics such as satin-faced taffeta, chiffon and soft satin, (designer) Francesca incorporates unique details such as corseted bodices and full tulle skirts with ribbon accents to capture the feminine glamour of old Hollywood. Bridesmaids will be thrilled to choose from flattering A-line satin dresses with plush velvet ribbon detailing to more fashion-forward halter neck designs in crisp springtime colors. "

Below are a few pictures of some of my favorite selections from the Just Teas and Occasions lines...

Now that's a dress that just might not make it's way to the back of the closet (smile).


*Rashana Anderson* said...

I LOVE the third style! Beautiful!!
Jim Hjelm has definitely come a long way.

Charming Events said...

I just adore this designer's style, very classy, chic and not so expensive that it is unreachable!