Speaking of Jen...

Oh ladies (and gents), are you going to be thrilled with me.

Jen Capone, the photographer who shot the images from the last post as well as just short of a gazillion weddings, is offering a sweet special, just in time for Valentine's Day...

Pin-Up Portraits!

Now seriously, what husband, soon to be husband or husband in pursuit, wouldn't want a professional portait of the love of his life in her lingered best?

I personally love pin-up portraits. I think every woman secretly desires to have the courage to look the camera in the eye and respond "I'm bad. Yeah I know it". Ok, so maybe it's just me.

Now is your chance to do it, and not break the bank in the process. Jen has teamed up with Carolyn Diamond to offer both makeup, clothing, the studio for the shoot, photo session and an 8x10 photo, all for $250.

If you're interested, certainly give Carolyn a ring at the contact number on the attachment, and be sure to let her know I sent you.

Happy Shooting!

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