The point of it all

It's a common occurence at weddings for guests to pull me aside and inquire about how it REALLY feels to be a wedding planner. The first question, is it fun? The second question, is it like the movies?

I've learned to answer this question in the most honest way I know how and over the years, it really hasn't changed.

Is it fun? Not really. But it's one of the most rewarding positions I've ever had the opportunity to hold. I witness the joining of two people, two families, two hearts, under God, under love, united. I'm entrusted with the little details, the family drama, the secrets that would otherwise remain personal. I've watched families blossom and have had the opportunity to maintain friends with many of my couples.

Like the movies? Not hardly. Not ever.

On days like today, when I'm organizing after an amazing wedding and I get the following email from this Saturday's bride which reads:

Hi Isis!

JP and I are here in beautiful Riviera Maya and I just couldn't wait until we got home to say THANK YOU for everything you did for us. Saturday was amazing!! We had the BEST time! Please know that we know how hard you worked and we are very grateful to you for helping us make 11/13 a day we will never forget. We are so, very appreciative!!!!!

As you was a bittersweet day, particularly for me, and it brings me so much happiness to have had the opportunity to see my parents happy. My dad cannot wait to write a Thank You note to you and Maleakia! He LOVED you all!

Not only are you fabulous at your job, but you are an amazing woman. Thank you again and we would love to catch up with you when we get back!

With love,

Katie & JP

It's beyond a movie.

What we do affects lives, it affects people and it's days like today, that I am reminded why I love what I do.

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Lisa Michelle said...

Nice! Congrats on an event well done!