Civil Unions

As I write this post, I realize that it is quite controversial in nature. This evening I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a 3 hour speaking engagement on Civil Unions given by an Amazing Coordinator out of the Philadelphia area.

As of 2006, NJ became the third Jurisdictions in the U.S.(behind California and Connecticut) that offer civil unions or domestic partnerships granting nearly all of the state-recognized rights of marriage to same-sex couples. Defined as a "union similar to marriage", this controversial term will certainly affect the Wedding Industry as a whole as we move to recognize commitment in different forms and forums.

What I found most interesting about tonight's discussion, was the statistic that in a poll of individuals asked "what comes to mind when they hear the term CIVIL UNION", 32 percent were unfamiliar with the terminology. Political indeed, it surprises me the time line of progression in the movement towards equality within the Gay and Lesbian community.

While I am certainly not one to impose my beliefs on those around me, being a professional within the industry, I do recognize the importance of love and difficulties that arise when that love is restricted. I'm proud to say that our company does offer couples the ability to have professional assistance in planning their commitment ceremonies and civil unions and we recognize that love does concur all differences be it race, faith, age or gender related.

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