Wedding Insurance

Although most of my Brides & Groom's don't find the need, every once in a while, I'll get a request for my opinion regarding "Wedding Insurance". Like all of your other Wedding related Vendors, I feel it's an individual choice, HOWEVER, if it will help ease your doubts and concerns about the large amount of money you're spending on your big day, I say go for it!

Wedding insurance will cover your losses if bad weather, airport delays, or a sudden illness prevents you or your fiance from getting to the ceremony on time. Insurance policies can also cover you from lawsuits in the event of a guest fall, death or illness, loss or damaged formal wear (even at the fault of the Vendor). Most importantly however, insurance will cover Vendor mishaps and the cost of the nonrefundable deposits.

While, Traveler's Insurance & WedSafe are two of the most well known companies for Wedding Insurance, Fireman's Fund Insurance recently announced that it will expand its existing policy for weddings and other special events.

If Wedding Specific Insurance is not for you but you're still interested in having some sort of protection, there is always the option to add a one day rider to your homeowners policy to cover your big day. Just another way to sit back, relax and no that it's all going to be ok :)

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