Is This thing on??? (LONG POST)

So today's post has absolutely nothing to do with Weddings; consider it a soap box limited edition insert!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just swear that Ashton Kutcher himself is going to jump out from an Astrovan and scream "You've just been punk'd"? Welcome to the last 2 days of my life!

To make a very long story short, yesterday I picked up from the Sprint store the replacement to my Treo (which I live by by the way) only to have to hear that they were unable to transfer my precious phone book, calendars and all the important stuff. After countless unsuccessful attempts to explain to the Customer Service person that I needed to keep the broken phone to manually input the information into my new phone (7 hours of work by the way), I finally spoke with a Manager who made me sign away which looked like the Contract to my beloved first born just to have 48 hours to transfer everything., 6 hrs of my day went to manually inputting the info onto my Palm Desktop item (for backup) so that I can synchronize from laptop to the phone. luck would have it, apparently this brand new laptop that I love, the motherboard??? needs to be replaced and none of my hubports work= no printer, fax, ipod, and you guessed it, no Treo synchronization.

I finally accept the fact that I may go into labor and not be able to notify anyone since I have no information in this new phone and.... this "alleged" new replacement, DOES NOT WORK.

Breathe, Breathe...

I finally get someone at Sprint who understands my pain (I think the "I'm having a baby in 2 days speech" hit home) who has assured me that I will have a NEW PHONE waiting for me tomorrow; no refurbished, no refinished...NEW!

I may just be able to let the world know when my precious Angel is born! Oh what a day.

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