Initial Vendor Meetings

Like many Wedding Vendors, we offer all potential Clients the opportunity to meet with us for approximately one hour to discuss their Wedding "particulars" prior to booking. After recently participating with fellow Association of Bridal Consultant members @ a local Bridal Show and my Initial Meeting with a wonderful couple last week, my advice to Brides is "COME PREPARED".

I can't emphasize how important it is to be prepared, not just when meeting with your Wedding Consultant, but with all of your Vendors. Prepare a list of Questions (and not just the generic ones that you can rip out of any magazines, but questions that apply to what You need for your specific Wedding) to ask the Vendors. Bring pictures, swatches, any items you may have that will give the Vendor a clear picture of your Wedding Vision.

There was a obvious difference between the couple I met with last week and the Brides who attended the Bridal Show, mainly, many Brides wandered the facility and seemed intimidated to speak to the Vendors. The couple I met with last week however, Bride was completely prepared to make the most of her alloted time.

If you plan on attending a Bridal show, do not hesitate to approach any Vendor participating in the show and ask the questions on your mind. After all, what better time to "pick our Brains" then when we are readily available and able to discuss your planning progress. For a more in depth conversation, most likely you can book a "block of time" with the Vendor, but atleast you'll be familiar with their style and have a higher comfort level since you've met the individual.

Hope this helps as you search for your perfect Vendors!

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