Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Gee

Farrah is my kind of girl. Fun, loving and remarkably talented. Her husband is equally as fun and a politician in the state. When you add these two together, the combination is a good kind of scary.

I still can't believe it's been 3 years since we helped this couple plan their remarkable event. The evening ceremony took place on the stairs/landing of the Trenton War Memorial and the bride took her walk to her new groom down a candlelit aisle. After the ceremony, the guests (including some secret service agents, local policitians and nba players) entered the backstage of the Memorial, 4,000 sq feet which we transformed into an intimate all-white lounge atmosphere. Drinks, dessert and dancing took place for hours to follow.

I still remember Farrah's reaction to seeing the room for the first time. We were in transition of changing our name from PureNSimple to POSH and when we opened the doors she hugged me and said "now this is a POSH event!". I never forgot that feeling and the floorplan of Farrah & James' fabulous dessert reception hangs in the studio as a constant reminder to stay "true" to who you are, even when it's outside of the norm.

Congratulations to three years Farrah & James and may you celebrate many, many more!


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