Let There Be Light

A recent space planning meeting with a Client at the Brides parent's estate where the ceremony and reception will be held, led to a conversation about adequate event lighting.

If you are considering having your Wedding ceremony or reception outdoors, when considering design and decor elements, be sure to include adequate and functional lighting. While tea light and votive candles may work well for some locations, natural elements such as wind, water and sand, will typically interfere with these lighting options. A great alternative for providing intimate lighting in a natural setting are battery operated candles.

Battery operated candles and L.E.D lights come in a variety of sizes and scents and some even have the look of "melted wax", making it hard to decipher the real from the faux.

Romantic lighting and environmentally conscious, love it!

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Mrs. Designher said...

I could use candles EVERYWHERE if a bride would let me :) There is just something about the beautiful glow that creates this mesmerizing ambiance.