I've been tagged by the adorable Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Event Planning who was tagged by the Fabulous Terrica at Fabuluxe Events (side note, somehow us planners have bonded via the wonderful world of blogging-gotta love it)

Anywho, this tag is a little different. Rather than random facts, it is random songs that you normally might not admit that you like. This should be interesting!

Songs I like but will deny to the death:

1. Barry White- My First. My last. My everything- I'm not sure what the actual title of this song is but the words are "My first my last my everything and the answers to,all of my dreams. You're all that i'm looking for.." Ok, it was in college and after watching a Chris Tucker movie that I totally fell in LOVE with this song. To this day I can't get enough of it!

2.Damaged by Danity Kane- I have literally blasted this song on more than one occasion. Darn Puffy and his Making the Bands.

3.Day 26 (entire albulm)-see above explanation.

4.Flo-Rida Apple Bottom Jeans- It's a shame that songs no longer require content discression or decent lyrics. This song has benefited from the ever so familiar "catchy hook".

5.Soulja Boy- Superman. Hey, if Oprah can dance to it (and Beyonce Live in concert), I don't feel too bad.

Whew, that was actually difficult. Ok ladies:

Samantha of Soiree Bliss, Lakendra of Affairs with Elegance, Linnyette Richardson-Hall of Premiere Event Management, Shayna Walker Wedle of Williamsburg Wedding Design and Amy Rubins of Fete Perfection, you're it!

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