Scent your event

Ahhhh, the 5 senses.

I can't stress how important it is to stimulate all 5 senses when planning for the perfect event. When I sit down for design consultations with our Clients, we often discuss the obvious intricacies of decor such as linen for texture/touch, menus for taste, lighting-sight, entertainment for sound...but how can you incorporate smell into your big day?

Enter Scentevents...

I fell in love with Scentevents way before meeting it's creator at The Special Event Show (for which I swear I'll eventually post pictures) earlier this year. What I love about this little gadget is that the system is so easy to set up, can be used inside or outside and can fill a room with the most delicious of aromas...totally out of site from the corner of a room.

The system is based of the ingenious use of a small scent player measuring approximately 7 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches tall by 10 inches deep, which can scent areas up to 2,000 square feet, using a single scent cartridge. Even better, the substances are environmentally safe, and leave no residue or residual smell and are completely dry.



Green Orchid Events said...

Oooh, thanks for sharing! I've been looking for something like this and I've been trying to convince my clients to take the sense of smell into consideration when planning their event. Awesome!

Louise said...

Hello! No longer is it necessary to get your scents long distance -- a new startup founded by a woman (and member of Ladies Who Launch!) in NYC is offering the same technology to wedding and event planners -- and has already garnered some impressive attention! Check out www.TheScentDiva.com and come grow with us!