As I'm sitting at my desk trying to undertake a massive to do list for the day, I realize that the entire morning long the one thing that HAS been consistent, is me tapping the "refresh" key in my inbox. Which got me thinking...

During a recent initial meeting with a couple inquiring about our Coordination services, we began discussing how "high stressed" the planning process becomes as the wedding date draws near. I told the couple that I witness this quite often and particularly within the last 2 months of planning. Makes perfect sense. 12+ months of researching, planning and paying, quickly approaching to what seems like ONLY a 6 hour event. That's enough to cause tension in even the most normal of couples.

What I advised the couple to do is schedule a mini "honey-moon" with their honey. Take some time AWAY from the planning, the phone calls and the flowers and have a nice weekend getaway with the person you love. Reunite,rebuild and refocus so that you can get back to enjoying the fact that you will soon be committed eternally.
While you're away, leave the planning to your Coordinator (luckily they have me) and have a little fun.

For last minute getaways check out travel sites such as expedia, hotwire and my all-time favorite travelzoo. Grab your bathing suit, your spouse to be and get Refreshed! And of course, have a Mai-Tai for me!

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Shayna Walker said...

It's a great tip, Isis. Now, in your next post can you suggest they TAKE their planner on that trip? LOL! I've tried twice this year, but they never bite. Great advice.