We don't even talk anymore...

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

I'll admit it, I have a phone addiction. Some may even say I'm a text-a-holic. However, even I (who has mastered the one handed text on my Blackberry pearl) think that things are really getting out of control with the lack of human interaction that our valuable electronic toys inevitably lead to and today, when Amazon announced that they are introducing the option to "shop via text messaging", my fears were confirmed.

Shop VIA text? Really people? Are we that busy that the internet, telephone and snail mail just won't do?

As a professional planner, I just cringe at the thought of couples now attempting to purchase their wedding items on a qwerty keyboard just for the sake of instant gratification. As though the internet, with the zillion vendors and their misleading advertisements, isn't enough. Oh well, change comes with the times...guess I better get ready.



Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

In Malaysia, you can get divorced via a text message. Sad, but true.

Isis said...

That is beyond sad. Wonder if there is a grace period. I can only imagine how many couples have multiple requests for divorceafter marital squabbles. lol

Thanks for the info Liene!

Nataliya said...


I read your blogs daily - just wanted to let you know you have a true fan!!!

And the texting IS out of control. I can text my local dunkin donuts my coffee order before I get there. Good thing I don't drink much coffee.


Isis said...

Awh thanks Nataliya! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Texting dunkin