The courtesy of a reply-Breaking up with your vendors

I felt the need to write this post because given my current status, I sit proudly on both sides of the fence (or as my twitter hash states, I am a #giddyplannerbride). I recognize this blog is followed by colleagues, clients and potential clients and I am hoping that what I say resignates with you all.

As a vendor, I make it a top priority to respond to my couples in a timely fashion. That's actually one of reasons that couples retain our services, as compared to some of the other local Coordinators. As a couple however, you have a responsibility as well. It is common courtesy to respond to the vendors you have for consideration, in a timely fashion.

The industry has taken many turns since I first entered it. We live in a virtual society where "tweets" and "bbms" have replaced real human contact. Where telephone calls are made in the event of an emergency and email is the norm. I get it.

What I don't understand however, is when entitlement became par for the course. Planning is a very hectic, though enjoyable experience. When you're meeting with multiple vendors and trying to match your needs with your budget, personalities, expectations, that too can become extremely difficult to manage.

As a couple, while it's not your responsiblity to go out of your way and document why you are not hiring a vendor, I would strongly suggest that you atleast communicate whether you are or are not. Many vendors offer a complimentary initial meeting and extend a right to refusal allowing an extended period of time for your decision to be made. In the interim, business goes on and opportunities present themselves that at times do conflict with other scheduled events. The key to having a good vendor is that during your experience, you feel as though your wedding is the only one they are overseeing, the reality is, it's not.

I know "breaking up" with an individual that you really hit it off with is difficult. When perusing the wedding blogs, I often see brides asking each other "how do I tell the xxx we're not going to go with them...I really liked them" and I do a double take. It's simple, just do it. It's ok, really it is. A successful person in the industry understands that they are not the only vendor you will meet with and at the end of the day, you will have to do what's best for you. Always remember, be it the wedding or life in general, treat people the way you would want to be treated and things will naturally fall into place.

Off my soapbox now

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Amanda Young said...

So with you on this! It's really not hard, and chances are they will be oh so thankful just for getting the courtesy of a response.... even if that response is a "no." I always make sure to thank them profusely when they do let me know - because so many do not.

Ahhhh, owning a business is so fun, no?