A Planner Plans: The Date

The date of an event is so critical in determining the style, location, and overall type of event you will be having. For us,the decision was one of the easiest we've had thus far.

The conversation went a little like this...

Me: "Honey, have you thought about when you want to get married?"
Mr. Charming "We can do it whenever you like..."
Me: "Well, if we do destination..."
Mr. Charming: (with a look of total confusion) "We can't do destination, I want to make sure that the people closest to me attend. I'm thinking Philadelphia".
Me: (slightly saddened): Well, if we do it locally, it has to be in the winter. I currently have weddings until October 23rd and need atleast 1-2 months to focus on ours. That puts us in December."
Mr Charming: "A December wedding? With the holidays. I don't know..."
Me: "Not just a December wedding, a New Year's Eve wedding".
Mr. Charming: (Not totally convinced) "New Year's Eve?"
Me: "Yes sweetie, it's perfect. Exactly one year from the date you proposed, we will get to celebrate the biggest day of the year surrounded by all those we love. EEEEEK!"
Mr. Charming (cracking a smile): "Sounds good to me!"

And there you have it ladies and gentleman. The 60 second exchange which took place to decide on our date. We're very fortunate to have a solid booking and amazing wedding season spanning from January-November at POSH this year and I know that I had to give my current Clients 100% of me to avoid feeling guilt during my own personal planning process.

Mr. Charming and I love the holidays. Between November-December 31st, we celebrate 8 family birthdays (including his and mine), Thanksgiving and Christmas. We both have strong ties to our families and feel fortunate to have fostered friendships in excess of 20 years that are now extended family. We recognize that a holiday wedding isn't ideal for all. To add to the mix, NYE falls on a Friday this year and we're having an evening ceremony and adult only reception.

While it may not be convenient for all of our guests, we hope that those that are able to attend experience a magical night, witnessing the love we share for each other and for them. It's like I always tell my couples, the goal of a great wedding is for your guests to walk away feeling like they've learned a little more about your relationship. The foundation of our relationship is faith, family and friends. Celebrating on one of the biggest holidays of the year, is an added bonus.

Besides, when you are guaranteed a view like this, how could you resist?

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