A Planner Plans: The Countdown

One Hundred Forty Days.

It glared at me. THE countdown courtesy of project wedding that popped up this morning when I looked at my cell phone.

I looked again, it couldn't be. 140 days? What happened to the other 225? Seems like you blink and the year of planning is summarized into an incredible 8 hour day that you'll never forget.

As our date approaches, I must admit, I get to be pretty antsy. As my planner friend Lakendra Kennedy would say, "Isis, you're a planner first!". These 4 words have kept me from the deep end many of times. The reality is, I've been a planner way longer than I've been a contender for the wife spot. I SHOULD know better; I SHOULD prioritize better. THIS SHOULD BE EASY.

The greater reality, I'm human.

My clients, past and present have been so incredibly supportive of the engagement. Many of my brides ask "is it any easier?" and I tell them...not hardly. When you're a Vendor getting married, you face an entirely different set of stresses. Managing budgets with vendor relationships, not wanting to offend anyone, expectations of your colleagues, your guests and what you think you should be able to provide in terms of experience.

The double whammy is having it on New Year's eve. Big date=BIGGER expectations. Mr. Charming does not drink alcohol. Any other date for our wedding and we would have been skating on a dry reception possibly beer/wine (which I think is a great option by the way), but noo...someone had to have the grand idea to throw a grand party on a grand day, usually associated with lots of alcohol. So, open bar it is because after all, what kind of new year's party is it without a little bubbly (or so i've been reminded)?

One Hundred Forty Days. One Hundred twenty guests. One seven peice band. 2 photographers. 3 videographers. 1 florist. 2 lighting technicians. 1 invitation designer. 4 graphic designers. 2 linen companies. 2 rental companies. 19 bridal party members.

1 million more decisions over the next 3,350 hours.

Overwhelming? A little.

I reminded myself that at the end of the day, the truth is, this is really about 1 girl, loving 1 boy and the blessings and prayers of the family and friends surrounding them. It's about 1 unit. What doesn't take place, will never be missed. What doesn't go smoothly, will be rejoiced regardless. This one moment has taken a lifetime to get to. One hundred forty more days...I can handle it.


isha | isha foss events said...

What a great and thoughtful post. I am sure that this experience will make you an even better planner than you already are.

Best wishes for an amazingtastic wedding!

hjsingin said...

Im sure now you will have a different view when you send a bride timelines and you, your the best, and remember in the end its ALL worth it, I promise!!

Stacey Strickler said...

Isis, being in the same boat, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. You took every last syllable out of my mouth...but as you summed it up, it really is about the two of you and the life you will spend together after this one day of celebration. This keeps me grounded and I hope it will do the same for you. I wish you many many blessings for a BEAUTIFUL day and an even more beautiful marriage.
Love and Blessings,
Stacey Strickler